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Oil and Gas

Spanning from upstream to downstream, we have worked with numerous oil and gas companies of all sizes over the years. With the rapid change and pressures on this industry, we are poised to assist with generating value for our O&G clients.

Oil and Gas

Acquisition Integration Plan for $250M Oil & Gas Acquisition Plan

Planning an integration to break a trend and preserve the value of the acquisition
Oil and Gas

Forecasting Financial Performance with Machine Learning for $10B Oil & Gas Organization

Developed methodology to increase forecast accuracy and manage costs​
Oil and Gas

Global Facility Review for a $20B Oil Field Services Organization

An organization built by acquisition and continued siloed organizations led to a bloated facility footprint acros...
Oil and Gas

Leadership Organization Design for $10B Oil & Gas Organization

Realignment of business unit leadership reporting structure and role clarification in preparation for a business ...
Oil and Gas

North America Field Analytics and Review for $1.2B Oil Field Services Organization​

Drove operational improvements of ~$9M per year by improving field labor utilization and reducing equipment maint...
Oil and Gas

Organizational Alignment $13B Oil and Gas Company

Significant confusion in a cross-PL department due to new leadership and a poorly communicated mission caused sig...
Oil and Gas

Organizational Design for a $10B Oil and Gas Company

SLKone designed a ground-up commercial organization to drive consistent commercial discipline and adapt to a dyna...
Oil and Gas

Organizational Restructuring $13B Oil and Gas Company

Inconsistent organizational distribution across regions and product lines necessitated a global organizational re...
Oil and Gas

Organizational Restructuring for a $10B Oil and Gas Company

SLKone improved the productivity and connectivity of business support functions by designing and aligning departm...
Oil and Gas

Organizational Standardization for a $10B Oil and Gas Company

SLKone collaborated with the internal leadership team to establish standardized organizational designs and roles ...
Oil and Gas

Personnel Utilization Tracking $1.2B Oil Field Services Organization

Better control C&B and overtime spend through the implementation analytical dashboards supported by a re-engineer...
Oil and Gas

Product Development and Growth Strategy for $1B Chemicals Organization

Defining and measuring global market for a new product development in an emerging sector to support creation of b...
Oil and Gas

Project Assessment for a $8B Opportunity for Energy Services

SLKone drove Quality of Revenue by making sense of a competitive project bidding environment and develop a plan t...
Oil and Gas

Reducing Sales Channel Complexity for a $1B Oil Field Service Organization in Latin America

Complexity within Products, Customers and Markets divides organizational focus and energy leading to lagging resu...
Oil and Gas

Regional Performance Dashboard for a $1.2B Oil Field Services Organization

Defining and building dashboards and analytics that support strategic initiatives in order to better manage and d...
Oil and Gas

Regional Profitability Performance Review for $1.2B Oil and Gas Organization in EU

Performed detailed forensic financial and operational analysis to discover root cause of deteriorating margins in...
Oil and Gas

Sourcing & Procurement Evolution for a $12B Oil Field Services Organization

A lack of understanding and delineation of Sourcing and Procurement activities causes a lack of execution includi...
Oil and Gas

Supply Chain Footprint Optimization $1.2B Oil Field Services Organization

Leverage machine learning and decision science methods to plan, pressure test and compare go-forward models for g...

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