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Mergers and Acquisitions

On the surface, combining functional areas or departments appears to be straightforward. However, at SLKone, we understand that while this may all make sense on paper, it’s certainly easier said than done, and we’re here to help. Our consultants and subject matter experts are trained in a variety of industries and form cohorts of deep functional expertise. We specialize in identifying the extent of integration needed and can roll up our sleeves to jump in and help – not just direct – project and organizational management for successful M&A integration.

Pre-Transaction Readiness

When organizations begin integrating, there are many processes and systems that need to be effectively analyzed, modified, and even potentially rebuilt to fit together. SLKone helps organizations anticipate those challenges and determine if the work requires additional bandwidth, additional personnel, and/or cultural changes to ensure success.

Post-Merger Integration

SLKone assesses and plans the needs of each integration based on the size of the transaction, the complexity of the processes within the businesses, the nature of the transaction (stock vs. asset, friendly vs. takeover, etc.), and/or the amount of change anticipated through the integration of people, processes, and systems. Our disciplined approach to project management ensures results with minimal disruption to the business.

Change Management

The amount of change, which can manifest as organizational disruption, determines the amount of support necessary for the transition. SLKone helps organizations navigate the new norm through detailed rigor and a culture of accountability. We establish cadences, milestones, and evaluate personnel behavior on an on-going basis, taking note of subtle red flags like meetings not being scheduled, tasks being lost in the shuffle, and individuals acting outside of policy as these may all be signs that additional support is needed.