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Digital Strategy and Technology

Digital systems have various purposes in business. For the sake of simplicity, we find it most useful to think of systems as supporting activity completion in the following ways: making activities easier to complete (access and communication of information), as a tool for completing activities, and performing activities. Through one of these three uses, our goal is to drive performance in an organization by reducing the time to complete any given activity, improve the consistency of an output, or lower the cost of labor required to perform the activity.


Automation can be simple, intelligent, or cognitive and selecting a level of automation that fits the constraints of the environment, which is appropriate for the activity being automated, will reduce costs and increase the return from the project. We have seen this type of result in ambitious automation and advanced analytics goals, and investment dollars follow. But desire alone is not enough to provide the environment required to make these goals pay dividends to the organization. We evaluate process and data maturity to value automation opportunities and deploy robust project management processes to ensure on-time and on-cost delivery.

IT Roadmap

SLKone helps organizations define their IT roadmap by reviewing and prioritizing technology gaps, evaluating solutions, and providing integration blueprints. We believe deeply in evaluating gaps and aligning those gaps to activities to ensure systems support processes to maximize the impact of any digital initiative. Moreover, we evaluate the organization’s data maturity along the data lifecycle (gathering, management, processing, and accessibility) to determine if today’s data means tomorrow’s insight.