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With the fast-paced approach of the technology sector, we have worked with organizations of all sizes to improve their operations, manage the revenue processes and customers, reinvigorate their finance function, and bring analytics into their internal processes.

Software and Tech

Cloud-based Financial Planning & Analysis Solution for $100M Software-As-A-Service Company

SLKone transformed an antiquated finance function from a transaction manager to a strategic business partner
Software and Tech

Commercializing Project Portfolios for a Research Nonprofit

SLKone removed information siloes in order to benefit from more than the sum of the organizations knowledge and c...
Software and Tech

Delivering Insights Into Customers and Revenue for $340M Software-As-A-Service Company

SLKone delivered, within weeks of starting, static and trending KPIs which finance leadership had requested inter...
Software and Tech

Develop and Automate Annual Recurring Revenue for $100M Software-As-A-Service Company

Supported the unsolicited bid to acquire a company unprepared to undergo said transaction as it was halfway throu...
Software and Tech

Financial Planning for Insights for a $80M Software-As-A-Service

SLKone assisted the development of a granular, compliant revenue recognition model that resolved material issues ...
Software and Tech

Implementing Adaptive Insights for Streamlined Reporting $100M Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Company

SLKone reigned in an off-track software implementation to ensure that business requirements were met appropriatel...
Software and Tech

Rapid Deployment of Interim FP&A Director for $100M Software-As-A-Service Company

Deployed within 1 week to provide interim management of FP&A department at the beginning of sale process​
Software and Tech

Sales Incentive Plan & Commission Model for $60M Software-As-A-Service Company

Created a new sales incentive plan that aligned with managements strategic initiatives and an automated commissio...
Software and Tech

Sales Incentive Program and Budget $100M Software Provider

SLKone assisted the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Sales to develop a simplified sales incentive p...
Software and Tech

Software-As-A-Service Reporting in Power BI + Azure for $400M Health Enablement Company

Developed a suite of SaaS reports and dashboards for various stakeholders including C-Suite and private equity sp...
Software and Tech

Vendor & Systems Selection for a $80M Software-As-A-Service

SLKone assisted in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of an FP&A tool for daily use to help automate r...

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