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“How” and “what” you do is just important as “why” you do it. Efficient and effective operations execution means the difference between withstanding shocks, ensuring continuity, and satisfying customers. SLKone helps clients reduce complexity, codify options, and make decisions that improve on-time, on-cost, and on-quality metrics.

Performance Improvement

We not only help clients understand what they need to improve but support them on their improvement execution. Whether our clients are looking for a proof-of-value, targeted solutions, or an enterprise-wide transformation we can help reach the highest marginal improvements to the top and bottom line.

Sales & Operations Planning

We enable companies to plan and make the right operational decisions by evaluating and improving all components of the S&OP process. This spans from mining data and performing analyses improving demand forecasts to optimizing inventory and resource planning.

Supply Chain Network Optimization

Through a data driven approach that leverages the latest in enterprise and open-source technology, we help organizations better design, implement, and execute their supply chains. We deploy a holistic approach, founded upon our deliberate thinking framework, enabling an optimized supply chain built to excel in an ever-changing global economy and varying customer needs.