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I found you to listen more intently and more genuinely than many other firms. Also, you pushed back and helped redirect when needed in a very professional manner.

Access and agility - Our work together epitomized a high performance team passing the ball to each other without having to look. Access to anyone at anytime on your team helped; and agility in terms of keeping the group small, we were able to adopt and move fast.

Deep expertise coupled with humility and ability to engage with and build consensus with all levels of management.


Cost Assessment and Opportunity Identification $150M Division of a Multinational Pharma Company

SLKone performed a rapid cost assessment identifying areas for immediate cost out as well as long-term transforma...

Developing a Financial Plan $200M Women’s Healthcare

SLKone transformed an antiquated finance function from a transaction manager to a strategic business partner. Th...
Software and Tech

Implementing Adaptive Insights for Streamlined Reporting $100M Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Company

SLKone reigned in an off-track software implementation to ensure that business requirements were met appropriatel...

Organization & Process Realignment for Specialty Healthcare Provider

Following numerous acquisitions, SLKone identified process improvement opportunities and developed an optimized f...
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Licking the Data Spoon: Leveraging Insights From Existing Data Before a Digital Transformation

As we approach the holiday season, I recalled one of my favorite activities as a kid: helping bake holiday coo...
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