Case Study

Organization & Process Realignment for Specialty Healthcare Provider

"Following numerous acquisitions, SLKone identified process improvement opportunities and developed an optimized future-state organization to support continued growth"

Services Performed


  • $200M Equity Owned Specialty Healthcare Provider​
  • After completing several acquisitions across varying geographies, the organizational reporting structure was fragmented and lacked the ability to support growth​
  • As a result, the organization suffered from a lack of formalized processes and procedures​
  • Defined reporting structure and leadership role definitions were required​
  • SLKone was asked to assess, propose, and assist with implementing a revised organizational structure linked to corporate strategy

Bespoke Solutions

  • Performance evaluation of key stakeholders were performed to establish a baseline​
  • Functional processes were reviewed and analyzed, to be aligned with the future state organization​
  • Interviews with N-1 and N-2 leaders were conducted to assess the workload and activities performed by the roles and clarify responsibilities​
  • Spans and layers analysis built to identify critical focal areas​
  • Built organization structure to align with strategic growth plans and support continual expansion, integrating the healthcare functions as well as enabling functions into the structure

Leading With Results

  • Reduced reporting layers by 3 layers creating direct alignment with strategic incentives​
  • CEO direct reports reduced by over 50% to better allocate time and focused effort​
  • Restructuring of Operational team to create focused effort to drive operational performance​
  • Development of core Clinical Advisory Board to ensure clinical decision-making was independent from business decision-making​
  • Since implementation, structure has supported two like-sized acquisitions in differing geographic regions
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone