Case Study

Developing a Financial Plan $200M Women’s Healthcare

"SLKone transformed an antiquated finance function from a transaction manager to a strategic business partner. The improvement plan set the right metrics, measures, and analyses to grow the organization"

Services Performed


  • The client was a $200M women’s healthcare company
  • The company had grown rapidly in the prior two years, primarily through acquisitions
  • The inorganic growth, coupled with existing process weaknesses in budgeting, led to increased confusion and a lack of confidence in the financial statements
  • Budgeting processes were decentralized and performed in an ad-hoc manger

Bespoke Solutions

  • SLKone worked with leadership to define objectives, processes, and desired templates
  • Defined line item aggregation to produce meaningful finance budgets
  • Created financial estimates to capture bottoms up estimate from a portfolio of >50 locations
  • Developed a 3-Statement Budget model, ultimately approved by equity sponsor and lender
  • Documented new budget process and transitioned new budget model to finance team
  • Created a budget vs. actuals reporting suite, which automated variance analysis

Leading With Results

  • Financial goal posts established to measure success and monitor the budget
  • Lender reporting requirements satisfied and made reporting compliant for lending institutions. Reports demonstrated the company’s profile and ability to repay debt
  • Improved corporate agility to promptly and proactively manage the business including changes in the locales in which the organization operates
  • Increased the integrity, visibility, and confidence of all financial statements and business variances impacting profitability and balance sheet
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone