Case Study

Organizational Alignment $13B Oil and Gas Company

"Significant confusion in a cross-PL department due to new leadership and a poorly communicated mission caused significant underperformance. SLKone worked with key leaders to identify, clarify, and document key initiatives and goals."


  • Engineering and Technology (E&T) department was in transition as it appointed a new leader
  • New leader had minimal experience within E&T function and was seeking to identify improvement opportunities
  • Limited communication across nine product lines and four Centers of Excellence, which represented the centralized engineering leadership
  • Each product line interacted with the central E&T function differently and utilized non-standardized processes

Bespoke Solutions

  • Interviewed 16 key leaders across all pillars and product lines
  • Identified four recurring themes that resonated through the interviews
  • Analyzed the structure and determined excessive layers and low spans of control within the engineering function
  • Documented the RASCI relationships to achieve key strategic goals identified by function leadership

Leading With Results

  • Summarized the cross-functional structure within the E&T dept. while highlighting differences in mission and communication gaps
  • Generated a RASCI to add clarity to roles and activities across the organization
  • Presented findings during the E&T offsite
  • Presented three tools that could immediately be deployed to drive positive change in the E&T dept
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone