Case Study

Personnel Utilization Tracking $1.2B Oil Field Services Organization

"Better control C&B and overtime spend through the implementation analytical dashboards supported by a re-engineered time entry to track utilization at a more specific and granular level"


  • Overtime spend as a percentage of revenue was trending up across product lines within the region
  • Operational managers lacked oversight into their team’s utilization due to unwieldly reporting interfaces and delayed feedback loops
  • Analysts had difficulty measuring impact of recent changes to variable compensation calculation for non-exempt employees
  • Lack of transparency into timecards created risk of bad behavior such as rounding up hours
  • Organizational perception that non-essential, non-revenue generating activities were being used to earn Overtime payouts

Bespoke Solutions

  • Conducted cross-product line review of timesheet needs and requirements
  • Designed new time entry process and supervised roll-out with documentation and FAQs
  • Conducted train-the-trainer sessions for over 75 operational managers
  • Analyzed over 500k labor hours to highlight trends and define saving opportunities
  • Developed automated dashboard reporting process providing weekly summaries to identify opportunities at managerial and executive levels

Leading With Results

  • Identify annual overtime savings opportunities of 10-15% annually
  • Providing real-time dashboard reporting to 150 managers measure approximately 35,000 hours per week
  • Created tools and process for review of staffing profitability by-customer in order to identify and plan for customers with high hours requirements
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