Case Study

Leadership Organization Design for $10B Oil & Gas Organization

"Realignment of business unit leadership reporting structure and role clarification in preparation for a business event"


  • In preparation for a significant business event the management team felt a need to re-align their leadership team.​
  • The business leader had a significant number of direct reports and as a result limited the agility and responsiveness of the business​
  • Similarly, the business’ end market had been shifting towards a solution vs product market, requiring coordination, planning and engineering across business units​
  • SLKone was brought on board to assist the management team design and implement the new organizational structure, including defining roles, responsibilities, activities and interactions

Bespoke Solutions

  • SLKone assessed the current state environment as well as the future requirements of the business, with respect to the pending business event​
  • Several scenarios were developed covering a range of potential designs, from low degree of change to high ​
  • Decision facilitation session was performed to review organizational Key Performance Indicators, pros and cons​
  • In a collaborative approach, Roles & Responsibilities as well as key interactions were defined and documented​
  • A transition plan was developed; training was conducted on the new structure

Leading With Results

  • Reduced CEO direct reports by 50% by consolidating business unit reporting lines along the lines of customer buying structures ​
  • Time conducting business performance review meetings was reduced by ~16,000 man hours per year through the simplification of the matrix reporting structure within the business
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone