Case Study

Acquisition Integration Plan for $250M Oil & Gas Acquisition Plan

"Planning an integration to break a trend and preserve the value of the acquisition"


  • The client was in the final stages of finalizing a new acquisition which was intended to fill a number of portfolio gaps as well as introduce new commercial capabilities​
  • Managers were aware that traditionally with acquisitions through the integration process, the business many times broke apart the acquired business and in doing so likely destroyed value​
  • SLKone was hired to design, review and facilitate a decision-making process to create a strategic integration plan

Bespoke Solutions

  • SLKone reviewed both the Long Range Strategic Plans for the acquirer and target business to identify key differentiators​
  • People, organizational structures, Process and Tools were evaluated for their contribution to key differentiators as areas to protect​
  • From this insight a range of integration scenarios were developed and reviewed through financial and organization Key Process Indicators (KPIs) as well as Pros, Cons, Risks & Opportunities

Leading With Results

  • Provided a destination and integration pathway to follow. Where the business had a rough integration plan developed, we were able to establish a detailed integration plan for the business leaders to follow to reach that goal.​
  • Communication materials developed. The process that was executed to review future state provided business rationale and materials to help establish buy in with the acquired business’ leadership team on the combined direction.
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone