Consulting Solutions from SLKone


“How” and “what” you do is just important as “why” you do it. Efficient and effective operations execution means the difference between withstanding shocks, ensuring continuity, and satisfying customers. SLKone helps clients reduce complexity, codify options, and make decisions that improve on-time, on-cost, and on-quality metrics.

Corporate Finance and Revenue Management

SLKone deploys a rigorous and disciplined approach to corporate finance to ensure financial health. We can evaluate your product portfolio risks and return to plot the optimal capital investment strategy to gain a long-term competitive advantage. Beyond the portfolio, we bring intuitive insights to the forefront for leaders to better enable them to steer the business using market leading tools and technology. Our approach helps business leaders make tough decisions on which customers, product, services, and/or markets they should compete in to maximize their stated financial goals.

Mergers and Acquisitions

On the surface, combining functional areas or departments appears to be straightforward. However, at SLKone, we understand that while this may all make sense on paper, it’s certainly easier said than done, and we’re here to help. Our consultants and subject matter experts are trained in a variety of industries and form cohorts of deep functional expertise. We specialize in identifying the extent of integration needed and can roll up our sleeves to jump in and help – not just direct – project and organizational management for successful M&A integration.

Digital Strategy and Technology

Digital systems have various purposes in business. For the sake of simplicity, we find it most useful to think of systems as supporting activity completion in the following ways: making activities easier to complete (access and communication of information), as a tool for completing activities, and performing activities. Through one of these three uses, our goal is to drive performance in an organization by reducing the time to complete any given activity, improve the consistency of an output, or lower the cost of labor required to perform the activity.

Organizational Design and Alignment

Having a well-designed and trained organization can get the flywheel turning on business transformation initiatives and move you towards your strategic objectives, better and faster. SLKone helps organizations address their critical design and training needs to foster a collaborative environment that enables execution excellence


Deliberate Thinking is a collection of neuroscience-based techniques, designed specifically for business leaders, that train the brain to think productively. It uses neurogenesis – the science behind learning new skills and habits – to create cognitive pathways that promote and sustain high performance. This methodology fosters the knowledge and skills to solve unclear situations in your business and your life.