Case Study

Supply Chain Optimization for a $450M Electrification Manufacturer

"Develop supply chain strategy based on opportunities to reduce operational costs while enabling profitable growth"


  • $400M electrification and power manufacturing organization wanted to de-risk and reduce complexity of supply chain with a customer-centric focus​
  • Long lead times, parts shortages, and cross-hemisphere shipments yielding excessive freight charges and disrupting business continuity​
  • Customers looking for manufacturing capabilities in the Western Hemisphere, resiliency and reduced lead times​
  • Lacked a supply chain strategy; immature Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) process​
  • Significant New Product Introduction (NPI) underway; organization needed to understand key decisions making criteria

Bespoke Solutions

  • Created a decision tree that aligns decisions with benefits, risks, considerations and criteria​
  • Modeled global supply chain footprint and lanes across manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution​
  • Engaged cross-functionally with key stakeholders to understand Voice of Customer (VoC) and operational challenges​
  • Identified key sourcing/manufacturing pain points and bottlenecks ​
  • Facilitated supply chain strategy development​
  • Developed short-to-medium term implementation plan and risk analysis to support strategic initiatives​

Leading With Results

  • Modeled key manufacturing bottleneck; identified opportunities and developed business case for short-to-medium term decisions supporting NPI targets​
  • Identified 1% in gross profit margin opportunity leveraging tariff arbitrage; profitably transitioned manufacturing to Western Hemisphere reducing lead times by 30-50%
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone