Case Study

Regional Operational Planning Process and Model for $1.2B Oil and Gas Organization

"Development of streamlined operational planning process and interim activity planning model to create an automated bottoms-up, 12-month rolling operational plan and revenue forecast"


  • $1.2B Oil & Gas Organization in EU seeking unified Sales & Operational Planning process and automated / scalable planning tool
  • Recent organizational shift to integrated service offerings was not accompanied by integrated operational planning processes nor a unified technology solution​
  • Siloed planning processes led to multiple sources / interpretations of activity planning & operational data, mismanaged product portfolio, and slow reaction time to schedule changes​
  • These operational challenges led to a lack of confidence in the forecast, inability to trace actuals back to the source, and an overall disconnect between finance and operations​
  • SLKone was tasked with creating a streamlined, unified operational planning process and support tool

Bespoke Solutions

  • Designed and implemented a new planning process with alignment from leaders and key stakeholders​
  • Developed an operational planning tool shared across product lines in Europe region​ -Activity level operational plan with rolling 12 months of operational forecasting​ -Engineered for ease of use by full spectrum of users, outputs tailored to the unique business needs​ -Generates revenue forecast and budget variance analysis with the click of a button, based on the most up to date operational forecast​ -Elevated speed and functionality through use of advanced data transformation methodology​
  • SLKone provided hands-on training of the new tool and offered continual improvement as needed to ensure adoption​
  • Created a roadmap for transitioning to a systematic solution; linking current tool functionalities to future system

Leading With Results

  • Achieved cultural shift; from backward looking analysis to a 12-month outlook and proactive planning environment to better manage the future​
  • Full adoption of process by Region team. Accountability structure built to improvement management of activity fluctuations​
  • Consolidated and achieved alignment on a single operational forecast​ - Unified operational forecast serving as single source of truth for operations​ - Increased accuracy of outputs ​ - Ability to trace forecast back to original inputs and actuals to forecast​ - Improved cross functional dialogue between product line leaders Increased transparency and key stakeholders​
  • Successfully bridged Operations and Finance functions​ - Increased transparency of financial forecast to detect hedged outputs​ - Automated financial flash re-forecast & variance tracking - reducing workload for leadership and finance functions​
  • Increased efficiency of leadership team​
  • Identified and communicated value of rolling out process / tool to other regions​
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone