Case Study

Rapid Deployment of Interim FP&A Director for $100M Software-As-A-Service Company

"Deployed within 1 week to provide interim management of FP&A department at the beginning of sale process​"

Services Performed


  • $100M SaaS company focused on enterprise data management lacked financial and operational Key Performance Indicators ​
  • The company consisted of 7 acquisitions that had not undergone a full integration; 2 additional acquisitions would be completed before the final transaction of the client to a new Private Equity sponsor​
  • The FP&A leader exited the company without notice; SLKone was on the ground the following week​
  • Historic reporting workbooks contained numerous unexplained, ‘hard-coded’ changes in the margins; previous FP&A Director was unavailable to transition or onboard SLKone​
  • Newly hired CFO was concerned that FP&A Director’s exit in conjunction with questionable historic reports would terminally impact the ongoing sale process​
  • SLKone was hired to immediately assume all FP&A responsibilities, improve the FP&A capabilities, manage existing staff, and support the sale process

Bespoke Solutions

  • Audited existing Sharepoint site in order to (a) locate historic key reports, (b) identify available support, (c) understand existing capabilities​
  • Consolidated all historic financial reports into a single workbook; connected that workbook directly to Host Analytics (a cloud-based consolidation tool); vetted and confirmed all ‘hard-codes’ found in margin​
  • Developed a partnership with Controllership that had been neglected; led to the improvement of financial reporting, the timeliness of financial reporting, and the creation of operational dashboards​
    • Monthly Recurring Revenue dashboard was made possible by the creative use of financial data maintained in the client’s Enterprise Resource System​
  • Actively engaged in the sale process; maintained timely recurring deliverables while providing surge capacity to diligence requests

Leading With Results

  • Reduced days to close from 21 to 10 ​
  • Supported the successful sale at 13x multiple
  • Managed the existing staff; placed one staffer on Performance Improvement Plan and managed the HR struggle​
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone