Case Study

Integration Management Office for a $60M Specialty Healthcare Provider

"SLKone developed and staffed the Integration Management Office for the merger of two like-sized specialty healthcare provider companies with over 25 offices and emerged as the largest provider in the region"


  • Two physician-owned-managed organizations were planning to merge as part of a private equity transaction
  • Neither organization had dedicated project management experts, nor experience in mergers and integrations
  • The core business processes and success drivers needed to be retained while integrating the two back-office organizations
  • Primary integration activities, prioritization and dependencies of activities, and activity owners had not been identified

Bespoke Solutions

  • The success factors for the two organizations were reviewed and mapped to ensure these were not diluted through the integration
  • Primary activities, dependencies, and area owners were identified to develop an integration plan
  • A formal, scalable integration management office was implemented to support activities
  • Surge capacity and resourcing was integrated to the core-team to provide guidance and additional horsepower

Leading With Results

  • Expedited and completed the merger timeline compared to the expectations of the Sponsors and Management teams
  • Achieved 150% of planned EBITDA within a year. The organization was able to reach its financial and profitability targets one-year earlier than planned
  • Successfully merged the organizations and avoided disruption. Both organizations were able to functionally integrate and outperform expectations
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone