Case Study

Integration Management Office for Specialty Healthcare Provider

"Establishment and facilitation of the Integration Management Office to assist in the successful integration of two specialty healthcare practices in separate geographies"


  • $150M Equity Owned Specialty Healthcare Provider​
  • Client was in the final stages of acquiring a like-sized specialty health practice in a new geography​
  • Given the size and complexity of the deal, the need for a formalized IMO to facilitate the integration process from end-to-end was identified​
  • In the past, issues with establishing an integration plan and process later in the deal life cycle had hindered the ability to successfully achieve their investment thesis​
  • SLKone was hired to establish and facilitate a successful integration of the two practices, enabling the anticipated growth potential

Bespoke Solutions

  • Prepared the business for the integration process by conducting strategic reviews, facilitating integration planning activities, and developing an actionable roadmap with all business functions​
    • Leadership Interviews​
    • Critical Path Integration Activity Timelines​
    • Risk Matrix​
    • Integration Project Plan​
    • Communication Plan & Documents​
  • Provided leadership and integration management activities to ensure successful integration of the organizations​
    • Prioritized activities for first six-months of integration and assisted with activity integrations into normal processes​
  • Developed reporting mechanisms for weekly progress, issue documentation, and escalation against pre-defined targets and metrics

Leading With Results

  • Successfully aided leadership to navigate the intricacies of the two unique organizations coming together​
  • Facilitated cohesive communication and collaboration between equity sponsor, current practice and targeted practice through actively managing interactions and challenging cultural norms​
  • Created a repeatable process, supporting structure, and plan to leverage in future transactions
  • Integration successful, equity sponsor identified the use of SLKone in future transactions
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone