Case Study

Go-to-Market Approach for Sales Organization for a $2B Building Products Manufacturer

"SLKone reviewed, defined, and developed a formal go-to-market approach for an independent distributor network for the sales organization of an industry leading building products manufacturer"


  • The client was an industry leading manufacturer in the building products space, which sold through a network of individual distributors
  • The national network of distributors did not have a standard set of guidelines for their approach
  • A formal method to evaluate the performance of the distributors, including appropriate metrics and reporting, did not exist for the sales leadership team

Bespoke Solutions

  • Conducted field interviews with 17 distributors to identify the top qualitative factors influencing success
  • Developed a formal dashboard and reporting tool to review the quantitative performance of all of the distributors
  • Crafted a management reporting scorecard to facilitate performance discussions with the distributors
  • Developed a “playbook” of guidelines and best practices to improve the performance of existing distributors and leverage guidelines for new distributors, as appropriate

Leading With Results

  • Developed a distributor wide performance reporting tool to track performance of the independent distributors and successfully integrated the reporting into the Client’s systems
  • Established clear expectations and metrics for measuring success with the increased clarity from a common language
  • Created a common understanding throughout the organization when the playbook was presented at the annual sales meeting
  • Drove performance of the business by upgrading underperforming distributors with new distributors in key markets
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone