Case Study

Commercializing Project Portfolios for a Research Nonprofit

"SLKone removed information siloes in order to benefit from more than the sum of the organizations knowledge and capabilities. Our methodology fostered collaboration through knowledge integration."


  • The client was a large research nonprofit with a large portfolio of technology investments targeting a specific space
  • Poor availability of information related to investment status and outcomes
  • Lack of information sharing lead to repeated testing of the same sets of hypotheses

Bespoke Solutions

  • Created a documentation framework to clearly define purpose, desired outcomes of investments, and the projects’ place in the technology landscape
  • Implemented processes to intake reporting and status updates in a consistent manner
  • Developed reporting templates and a supporting process to disseminate gathered information and knowledge
  • Assessed the inventory of knowledge to find compatibilities, opportunities for integration, and points of distinction

Leading With Results

  • Leveraged investments, created collaboration, and identified project synergies by removing information silos in the data and environment
  • 5 year project and funding expansion from the initial scope of work based on exceeding result performance. The developed frameworks lead to results based funding and clear paths for innovations to become commercialized products
  • Partnership identification and evaluation through the combined business intelligence with technology frameworks
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone