Kishore Sundararajan

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Kishore has spent his time focused on impacting the top line, bottom line, and cash flows in his 30+ years in the Industrial Automation space across different global industry segments. His focus on customer experience, increasing yield and throughput, improving on-time delivery with quality and reliability, and lowering risk are significant reasons for his success.

Throughout his career, Kishore’s priorities have shifted to embrace his key learnings: the importance of holistic customer experience; clear and concise communication matters; the business is its people; focus on a few things and do them well; the ability to be agile; and maintaining a flexible work-life balance. This is apparent through the adaptable strategies he has developed and implemented as well as the methods, tools, and processes he has used to execute operationally. He invests time in sharing these learnings by recruiting, mentoring and developing individuals, and building and coaching teams. Kishore takes pride in his family, his ability as a business-technologist to lead and impact change, and the people in the global network he has built throughout his career. Other proud moments include seeing his teams go the extra mile and helping organizations win through tough times. His customer experience obsession, global cultural experiences, and career journey have contributed to the cultural and organizational changes he is proud to have led.

Outside of work, Kishore loves spending time with his family, reading, and learning new things. He supports Asians developing leadership abilities through his engagement in the Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers (SASE) and the Asia Society of Texas.

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