Business Restart Incubator

The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the speed with which the contagion has spread, has wreacked havoc on our lives and the economy. Across all industries, businesses did not have significant warning and were therefore ill-equipped to deal with the consequences.

Small-to-medium sized companies with lean resources have been impacted the most. Many are unclear on how to adapt and restart business as we return to normal or transition to a “new normal”. There are no silver bullets or magic-wand answers, but we can work through these uncharted waters together -- in our Business Restart Incubator.

Do I need Business Restart Support?

In all likelihood, YES. Here is a preliminary set of questions to think through regarding why an organization may need restart support:

  • Has your primary business activity been adjusted or changed?
  • Will your business go back to the old ways or will the changes persist?
  • Have you had any significant changes in terms of staffing, financial situation, or strategic direction?
  • Have you stopped or paused any expansion or M&A activity?
  • Do you consider there to be opportunity for expansion or M&A activity?
  • Are investors, equity sponsors, or other stakeholders applying pressure or asking difficult questions to which you may not currently have the answer?

The BUSINESS RESTART INCUBATOR is a suite of activities, processes, and planning -- adapted for each individual application regardless of industry, size, or ownership structure -- in a collaborative incubator with other companies, advisors, and experts.

Five-Phase Approach

Built upon the collective wisdom, experience, and proven track record, SLKone and its partners have developed a simplified five-phase toolkit to assist organizations planning for and getting back on a new, post-COVID-19 track. The tools are sequenced to specifically restart businesses, navigate through uncertainty, and emerge from the impacts of the global pandemic.

  1. Reflect and Shift

    Deploying a data-driven approach, performance of the business and operational activities are assessed to identify drivers of value, volumetric and performance metrics, and other macro-economic influencers surrounding the business.

  2. Realign to the New Normal

    Facilitated strategic course-correction sessions, leveraging Deliberate Thinking, are held with key leadership members utilizing data and analytics to inform the discussion and hypothesize on future business opportunities.

  3. Tactical Planning

    With an eye for the future, functional expertise, both internal and external, is tapped to identify critical path items and projects that must be stopped, started, or accelerated in order to execute on strategy.

  4. Operational Preparedness

    Internal and external resources and stakeholders are rallied to communicate and prepare for the change. Change management best practices are driven by answering strategic questions to bring life to the tactical plan.

  5. Execute Like a Start-Up

    Experts assist with implementation and business execution efforts on identified projects ensuring goals and objectives are met, countermeasures implemented as needed, and business restarts.

In this challenging economic climate, SLKone chooses to partner with our clients thorugh a fit-for-purpose pricing model. There is not a standard set of pricing for the Business Restart Incubator as all clients and situations are treated in a bespoke fashion. Reach out -- let’s have a discussion.