Our Expertise and Industries of Focus

SLKone's Industry Expertise


The complexities of healthcare require specialized approaches to generate value across the industry. Our experience spans multiple disciplines and functional areas including finance and accounting, revenue cycle, operations, mergers and acquisitions, analytics, and others.


We have optimized logistics, supply-chain, manufacturing processes and more to deliver positive results for our manufacturing clients.

Oil and Gas

Spanning from upstream to downstream, we have worked with numerous oil and gas companies of all sizes over the years. With the rapid change and pressures on this industry, we are poised to assist with generating value for our O&G clients.

Consumer Goods and Services

The consumer goods and services sector continues to be disrupted and requires new approaches, leveraging deep-analytics, process improvements, and organizational integrations to remain competitive in the market.

Private Equity

Private Equity companies and sponsors require focused, action-oriented teams to drive performance and returns. Our team has focused on service private equity portfolio companies and sponsors in a variety of industries to deliver value with the focus and sense of urgency required.

Food and Beverage

Our experience in the food and beverage sector is focused on manufacturing and distribution of food and beverage companies. We have worked in a variety of environments included specialty production, cold manufacturing and storage, international sourcing and production, and global distribution

Software and Tech

With the fast-paced approach of the technology sector, we have worked with organizations of all sizes to improve their operations, manage the revenue processes and customers, reinvigorate their finance function, and bring analytics into their internal processes.