Deliberate Thinking with SLKone

Does your organization struggle to make decisions and resolve issues?
Is your organization unable to identify and leverage opportunities?
Do you find yourself bogged down with meetings that rarely lead to progress?

Deliberate Thinking with SLKone can help!

What is Deliberate Thinking?

Deliberate Thinking is a collection of neuroscience-based techniques, designed specifically for business leaders, that train the brain to think productively. It uses neurogenesis – the science behind learning new skills and habits – to create cognitive pathways that promote and sustain high performance. This methodology fosters the knowledge and skills to solve unclear situations in your business and your life.

Businesses need better solutions

Due to the complexity and uncertainty of today’s business climate, hiring brilliant people does not, on its own, guarantee success. Organizations must also learn to leverage the collective brilliance of their people to creatively solve challenges. SLKone’s Deliberate Thinking workshop provides a cognitive solution that builds conscious competence and helps avoid the common pitfalls of automatic thinking that can get in the way of effective problem-solving.

SLKone has partnered with curriculum creator and facilitator Dan Kowalski, to bring you the Deliberate Thinking workshop!

Learn the critical factors for breakthrough success:
  • Assess uncertainty through likelihood and impact
  • Employ new thinking approaches and effective action plans
  • Have productive conversations and address tough issues
  • Leverage diversity to gain more perspective
How can companies leverage their brilliance to thrive?
Knowledge + Skills = Solutions at SLKone’s Deliberate Thinking Workshop

Progress from knowledge to skill in each Deliberate Thinking module through proven methodologies designed for today’s busy business executive with self-paced learning, contextualized application work, and on-demand coaching:

Deliberate Thinking Workshop Modules:
  • Thinking about Thinking: Metacognition and Thinking as a Process
  • Five-Step RADAR model of Deliberate Thinking
  • Anticipating the Future: Addressing Threats and Leveraging Opportunities
  • Making Choices: Deciding Which Option Makes the Most Sense
  • Deliberate Thinking with Others: Incorporating Different Viewpoints Effectively
  • Dealing with Uncertainty: Using Experiments to Create New Understanding
SLKone’s Deliberate Thinking workshop curriculum and learning techniques will accelerate participants’ ability to acquire, retain, and practice effective problem-solving techniques through increased cognitive function.
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