SLKone's Corporate Practice

Strategy + Leadership + Knowledge

These are the three legs every corporation stands on; however, the difference between moving at a crawl versus sprinting is defined by how well you progress from operationalization to execution across these three legs.


Businesses today are operating under extreme uncertainty. Yet, business leaders are expected to commit to predictable outcomes for their stakeholders. This paradox sets expectations that cannot be supported by even the best-crafted strategies. What businesses need is the agility of a dynamic strategy that goes beyond oft-utilized chess strategy. In a game of chess, you can predict how the pieces move in and around you, within defined rules. The fluid business environment today renders a rules-based plan defunct by the time the ink dries on the corporate strategy document.

We at SLKone help our clients tackle challenges such as integrations and business transformations by teaching dynamic learning skills, navigating uncharted territories and developing an ability to anticipate things around the corner.

Client Goal

A $2B division for a service provider in energy space was underperforming and needed a turnaround within a short period.

SLKone’s Bespoke Approach
  • Facilitated the team to rally around key business imperatives on the need for profitable revenue growth, cost efficiencies, optimized working capital and people productivity
  • Connected the dots across the organization from causal drivers to channel the organization’s activities to business outcomes
  • Linked divisional strategy to country and customer specific strategies and created a seamless strategy cascade


In the 21st-century, leadership should not be strictly defined by what is carved out at the upper tier of the organizational matrix. Instead, individuals and management teams who can orchestrate corporate resources and energy towards an outcome irrespective of their place in the pecking order represent true leadership.

In the information age, leadership needs to emphasize ways to handle and manage the stress of ‘real-time’ information load, cognitive flexibility to respond to social ‘buzz’ and divergent thinking of a mixed martial arts champion to deal with what’s lurking around the corner. Managing involvement is a critical skill and leaders struggle to find the best position to make the right decisions while working with their teams.

Client Goal

Corporate client needed behavioral changes defined and personified as part of the enterprise transformation.

SLKone’s Bespoke Approach
  • Identified critical success factors and gaps in the organizational leadership ahead of the transformation
  • Developed the functional and operational interactions necessary for the transformed state and made them part of the roles and responsibility matrix
  • Instituted an accountabilities based culture for the organization


Employees, performing their work through enterprise processes and connected systems, define the knowledge framework for a business. However, in a typical organization, much of the knowledge framework remains untapped because employees and processes are considered distinct from one another. As evidenced by the in vogue adoption of artificial intelligence, these digital transformations are often branded as expensive hobbies because they ignore the real intelligence that can create actual knowledge.

We assist our clients in creating fountains of knowledge that result in improved internal cost efficiencies and attractive value propositions for their customers.

Client Goal

A global leader intended to align its business processes and systems in an integrated digital space by focusing on internal and customer productivity and leadership sensed passive resistance and disconnectedness.

SLKone’s Bespoke Approach
  • Facilitated a conversation around digital by focusing on staff and teams at operational level to understand their concerns, anxieties and expectations from digital initiatives
  • Created consensus on winnable battles vs. boiling the ocean
  • Facilitated common understanding on ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ before embarking on the digital journey


Businesses utilize slideware, change management and culture shifts as tactics to operationalize strategy. The inordinate effort spent on these tactics spanning presentations, town halls, and social media jams has little measurable ROI. Furthermore, these attempts can be nefariously detrimental as they can create deeper divides within the rank and file employees distrustful of corporate-speak.

Smart leaders can prevent this confusion, save precious time and resources with behavioral changes in how the leadership walks the talk. It requires authentic responses to three fundamental questions every employee considers in their actions.

These questions are:

  1. What’s in it for me?
  2. Why should I care?
  3. How can I help?

These questions have the most significant impact on results when the answers are understood before starting any project or initiative.

We at SLKone, help find the answers to these questions and do so in a way that builds credibility for the leadership – it generates a pull demand by the employees and most importantly, creates an environment of trust which speeds up execution. Operationalizing correctly also requires engineering the performance system ahead of pulling the execution trigger – further stimulating engagement and the likelihood of success.

Client Goal

A category leader in building products industry was losing market share and needed to re-energize a complex sales model

SLKone’s Bespoke Approach
  • Mapped core competencies and gaps required to perform to the goals
  • Established strategic and tactical parameters across the sales engagement process
  • Designed and communicated a sales organization playbook


Whether living through a significant integration, business transformation or a systems implementation, employees tending to their full-time responsibilities end up suffering from initiative overload. The solution is disciplined execution. Which requires organizing the matrix structure and activities that facilitate smooth flow of interactions in all directions by instituting accountability. It involves program management, a rigorous yet inclusive approach to steering through issues and risks. Moreover, it requires commitment. The organization must be connected, marching towards the same goal, and leadership must remain committed to the goal; break one of these legs off the stool and execution is guaranteed to fail.

Client Goal

A global organization had standardized the processes, interactions and needed assistance to execute the model

SLKone’s Bespoke Approach
  • Validated the concerns and exceptions across the global regions and helped made practical adjustments, making it an adaptive change receptive environment
  • Performed resource and competency gap analysis
  • Planned communication and designed supporting mechanism to take it to the organization