Case Study

SIOP as a Service for a $100M Healthcare Distribution Platform

"Developed Sales, Inventory, and Operational Planning (SIOP) process, supporting forecasting and purchase order tools to streamline cross-functional collaboration and reduce manual entry into the system"


  • $100M healthcare B2B and B2C equipment and supplies e-commerce platform serving small businesses to large hospital networks​
  • SIOP process relied too heavily on purchasing without cross-functional support from product management and sales team leading to excess stockouts and warehouse costs​
  • Lacked capability in modern reporting and analytics leading to excessive non-value add work​
  • Forecasting method was limited to sales in the last three months​
  • SLKone was hired to develop a SIOP platform to codify roles and responsibilities, improve forecasting, and enable visibility into key inventory metrics

Bespoke Solutions

  • Engaged key stakeholders across operations, marketing, and sales ​
  • Created a SIOP playbook to codify the process, activities, roles and responsibilities, and supporting systems​
  • Developed Python and Excel tools for forecasting and accuracy tracking, and automated PO placement​
  • Created and implemented supporting reporting infrastructure​
  • Trained personnel on new process and support implementation for 6 months to ensure conformance

Leading With Results

  • Reduced time to place purchase orders from two weeks to two days; enabling better purchasing control ​
  • Improved cross-functional collaboration and enabled accountability of product managers and sales team to purchasing decisions​
  • Introduced PowerBI for visibility into warehouse and purchasing KPIs to support the process
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone