Case Study

Operationalizing Strategic Plans for a $60M Specialty Healthcare Provider

"SLKone facilitated and supported the Executive Leadership team with refining a strategic plan and operationalizing the approach to implementing the plan"


  • The organization had successfully completed a large merger the previous year
  • The organization was on pace to eclipse their financial goals for the upcoming year and wanted to continue the growth momentum
  • A new Executive Chairman had been brought on board to assist the Company with their next phase of growth
  • The Board had laid out ambitious targets for the organization without a clear path to achieve the targets

Bespoke Solutions

  • An Executive Leadership Offsite was held to align the leadership team to the targets set forth by the Board
  • SLKone facilitated the offsite session, focusing the team on actions driving success, market opportunities for growth, and risk mitigation
  • Operational plans with integrated risk management were developed and assigned to the leadership team members
  • A financial budget was created, quantifying the opportunities and linking targets to key initiatives

Leading With Results

  • Developed a key set of tactical initiatives for the team that focused on driving growth during the SLKone facilitated offsite
  • Updated and coordinated the budget based on the developed tactical activities. The new budget was incorporated into weekly leadership review meetings to maintain momentum
  • Improved executive team performance during weekly project management reviews that ensured initiatives continued without issues
  • Continued outperformance by the leadership team. Their adherence to the developed initiatives and budget has set them on track to achieve the established ambitious targets
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone