Case Study

Implementing Adaptive Insights for Streamlined Reporting for a $340M Software-As-A-Service Company

"SLKone reigned in an off-track software implementation to ensure that business requirements were met appropriately without incurring more cost; all while working harmoniously with a perturbed implementation vendor"


  • The client was several months into a software implementation project for their FP&A function, but had failed to meet numerous deliverable deadlines causing the project to veer off course and be delayed by several weeks
  • Success of this was dependent upon coordinating between several technical teams, but due to numerous other commitments and a lack of proper prioritization the client had neglected this coordination
  • SLKone was engaged in order to assess and ensure that the implementation was delivered successfully and on time

Bespoke Solutions

  • SLKone was able to bridge the gap between the FP&A department, Accounting, Sales, and the Vendor to make up for missed deadlines and billable hourly overages from the Vendor
  • SLKone worked with stakeholders and developed custom datasets to feed models in the new software
  • Leveraging our prior expertise, we assisted the vendor’s developers with NetSuite and Salesforce integrations
  • In order to correct project mismanagement prior to our engagement, SLKone implemented a phased approach to implementation to ensure that the highest priority items were accounted for first

Leading With Results

  • SLKone corrected and implemented a new FP&A reporting software which was behind in billable project hours and several weeks overdue without any additional cost to the client
  • The client is now reporting from a single platform, which consolidates and automates all monthly reporting, saving tens of hours each month for the FP&A team
  • Furthermore, data integration is fully automated and secure freeing the team to drive insight rather than files
Case studies and expertise may represent projects and engagements performed by SLKone team members prior to their employment at SLKone
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